Coronavirus, What We are Doing To Protect Our Patients

There was a meme the other day about COVID 19 that said when you see the name, think of the song Come on I can’t get it out of my head. Almost like the omnipresent news and nonstop social chatter about it! There is justifiable concern but also reasons not to panic as I outlined in my last blog Afraid of Coronavirus? I'm Not, Here's Why.. I have had a few folks cancel their appointments and I understand their concerns. I am planning on remaining open since I can help people not only with their chief complaint but also with keeping their immune systems strong. I have always followed applicable OSHA standards, Clean Needle Techniques along with disinfecting procedures and frequent hand washing/sanitizing. I have implemented a few new procedures as listed below to minimize the chances of spreading this virus and to “flatten the curve”.

1)  Elimination of table linens. While I use table paper to cover the tables, the linens are impossible to disinfect after every treatment. Even changing the linens after every patient can result in contact and spread of pathogens.

2)  I have also removed table warmers from the tables as, once again, these are impossible to disinfect after every patient. SORRY, I know many of you love the nice heated table to lay on but for the foreseeable future, we need to do everything we can to prevent the spread of this virus.

3)  Tables and rooms will be disinfected after every treatment. Normally, removal of the table paper and replacement with new paper would suffice as a standard of practice but with the heightened urgency to prevent the spread of this virus, more stringent measures are warranted.

4)  Reduced schedule. In order to maximize social distancing and to give me a chance to properly disinfect rooms after treatments, I will be moving to a reduced schedule.

5)  As outlined below I am asking patients who are infected or are experiencing symptoms to not come to the office. I will still offer phone/skype consultations to formulate an herb and supplement regimen that will boost your immune system and help you fight this (or any other) infection. We will work out how you receive your herbs/supplements on a case by case basis.

If you are experiencing symptoms of a cold/flu or sore throat, with or without a fever DO NOT come in to the office. I will be suspending my 24 hour cancellation policy for the time being. Contact your primary care provider to get advice about testing and self quarantine procedure if necessary.

Above all, use good judgment and take a breath and try to stay calm. We will get through this. Keep yourself and your family safe.

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