Coronavirus and CBD, More Important Now Than Ever

Coronavirus and CBD, More Important Now Than Ever

COVID-19 has changed all of our lives, probably forever. One of the scariest parts about this pandemic is the sense of helplessness. “I have to stay inside so I don’t get it or spread it to others”. But what if you do get it. Hopefully, you are in the large majority that has either mild or no symptoms. But we read about seemingly healthy people who are in the fight of their lives and some of them don’t make it. So the advice is to stay home if you are sick and basically there is not a lot you can do to treat it. If it gets bad enough, you go to the hospital where it is really the same story. They do what they can to keep you comfortable and manage symptoms but there is no real treatment for the disease. While we wait for a vaccine or other treatment, CBD oil may prove to be a viable option in managing the disease and preventing deadly complications.


We know that those who develop serious and even deadly complications from a COVID-19 infection suffer from systemic inflammation and inflammation in certain organs. Those with overall increased in inflammation are more pre-disposed to developing dangerous inflammation from the infection. If we look at other pre-existing conditions that put people at higher risk for serious complications from a COVID-19 infection, all of them are marked by increased inflammation. Heart disease, lung disease, obesity, diabetes, one and all, are marked by increased inflammation. Even in the elderly, who’s immune systems are not as strong, the reaction to the infection is an increase in inflammation. This is the body’s way of trying to make up for a weakened or compromised immune system.

The role of CBD

This research article reveals that cannabinoids, found in CBD oil, act to reduce inflammation in the body. Further, cannabinoids demonstrated antifibrotic properties. This finding could be a tremendous weapon in the fight against serious complications from COVID. Antifibrotic lung medications have shown promise in treating lung distress and prevention of fibrosis may be key in prevention and treatment. Cannabinoids are also free from the side effects of NSAIDS and other anti-inflammatory medications currently in use.

Treatment and Prevention

CBD oil should be used for anyone who contracts the COVID virus. The above cited article also indicates that “Ultimately, this process results in an increase in the rate of resolution of chronic inflammation.” In other words, if you have a pre-existing condition, you can use CBD to help get the inflammation under control so that you are less susceptible to serious complications if you do contract the virus.

Wild Wild West

The questions I get all the time from patients is: “Where do I get it”. The other question should be: “How do I dose it”. Well, you can take seminars, do a few weeks worth of research, find practitioners who have used different products in their clinics and found which worked best...or, you can seek someone out who has done all of this work! Less reputable companies can slap whatever label they want on a bottle. There is very little regulation at this point, it is like the Wild West with this stuff. So you may be getting a product that does not contain what the label says it does OR you may be getting a product that contains things you do not want! Even if the company is trying to produce a good product, unless they are third party certified, you still do not know what you are getting and you could be wasting your time and money. The other piece of it is that, like any medication, you have to know how to dose it properly. You can be taking more than necessary and while this is not really dangerous, it wastes your money. On the other hand you can be taking too little for your condition and this will not only waste your money but it will be ineffective.

In Our Clinic

The long and short of this all is that CBD can be a potent weapon in prevention and treatment of COVID. You do have to seek out someone who can properly advise you as to what product, what strength and what dosage is right for you. At Princeton Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine we have done extensive research and training and have practical experience with clients who have used CBD oil for a variety of health complaints. Call today to schedule a phone consultation and we can help you during these trying times.

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