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Why Princeton Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine?

We care about your healing and continued growth. At Princeton Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine we provide you with specific, time tested and clinically proven strategies and options that will help put you on the path to optimal health and wellness.

We will put you on track with:

  • A Comprehensive Diagnosis

    Ancient techniques allow us to formulate a diagnosis that will address your symptoms AND the root of your problem.

  • A Report of Findings

    Documented and explained in an understandable fashion so that you are confident in your treatment.

  • A Personalized Treatment Plan

    We’ll create a plan tailored to your specific needs

  • Lifestyle Coaching

    Dietary and nutritional support along with advice that will enhance your treatments

  • Tips on Working Outside Our Clinic

    Tools that will speed your recovery and help you maintain long-term health

  • Powerful Wellness Counseling

    Eliminating limiting beliefs and other techniques that will free you to live the life you want

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What others say about us

I had my first acupuncture wellness treatment about a month ago for the first time. When I arrived I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Steve asked the right questions and made me feel confident in his ability from the start.

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R. Burke

I was born with a curvature of the spine (scoliosis) which did not cause me much trouble until I reached my late forties.  At that juncture I began to experience considerable pain and I noticed, as well, that my lower back was becoming far more crooked and deformed.

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Sunny Greenberg

I had tried acupuncture in the past for arthritis with some relief.  I was having problems with my sciatica and was thinking of trying acupuncture again when I came across a Living Social coupon for Princeton Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine.

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Shelia Servis

I found my way to Princeton Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine through a good friend of mine who had been bugging me for at least a year to go in for a treatment. I was curious but I am a group exercise instructor and I am very busy with both work and my personal life, so I never got around to making the time to go in.

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Kerri Croland

Check out this clip from Steven’s recent television interview!

See Entire Video at: HTTPS://VIMEO.COM/121805930