I had my first acupuncture wellness treatment about a month ago for the first time. When I arrived I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Steve asked the right questions and made me feel confident in his ability from the start. Since this consultation and treatment, my outlook has been profoundly changed forever going forward. I left the appointment feeling like I was the most calm and in control of my life that I had been in many years, and I have been hanging on to that feeling every day since. The subsequent meetings have proved the first was not a fluke. It has inspired me to bring other Eastern experiences such as yoga and meditation into my life…things I have wanted to pursue for years but have not made the time to because I was always “too busy”. It is evident to me that this is Steve’s passion, and I am grateful I was fortunate to cross paths with him.

- R. Burke

I was born with a curvature of the spine (scoliosis) which did not cause me much trouble until I reached my late forties.  At that juncture I began to experience considerable pain and I noticed, as well, that my lower back was becoming far more crooked and deformed.  I consulted an orthopedist who sent me for physical therapy.  Many sessions and home exercises later, and experiencing no relief, I tried chiropractic work.  Again no relief and my problems were intensifying.  Finally, in my mid-fifties and by then plagued with pain, I consulted an orthopedic surgeon who told me that surgery would be inevitable to prevent further deterioration of my spine and eventual confinement to a wheel chair.  Obviously, I went for a second opinion (both surgeons were based in Manhattan and affiliated with the finest orthopedic hospitals) who confirmed what the first had told me.  At the age of 57, I underwent the surgery.

The surgery was intensive, 8 hours on “the table”, requiring six blood transfusions, and four days in intensive care.  I emerged, however, with a very straight back (no more deformity), including a lengthy titanium rod and multiple screws in my spine to show for it.  Unfortunately, however, my pain is far from diminished although the locus of it is no longer where it was.  It is now in my mid to upper back, rather than lower back, where the surgery was performed.  I explained this to my surgeon who told me to seek physical therapy and pilates in order to strengthen my “core” muscles and that the pain would diminish as a result.  Although three years “out” I still do this religiously, but it has had absolutely no impact whatsoever on my pain.  As a result, my therapists and pilates trainers suggested acupuncture.  They joke with me that I have a nicely toned body for my age so might as well keep coming to them, but ought to go elsewhere for pain relief.

However, being very “Western” oriented in my thinking, I scoffed somewhat at the thought of acupuncture, and went another orthopedic route first.  I tried an orthopedic practice that I had not yet used.  This one suggested steroid shots for my pain, and I went through a series of those in my middle and upper back, as well as my neck.  Not one ounce of relief, although some money was relieved from my wallet.

Deciding that I had nothing to lose at that point, I searched on line for an acupuncturist and found Princeton Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  I went in with neither an open nor closed mind, but not really expecting acupuncture to help.  The day I met Steve Hoffman, he impressed me as a quiet and thinking man who spent a lot of time with me, interviewing me extensively and carefully about my medical history and present situation and symptoms.  He was very non-judgmental and I found that I could speak to him about a lot of issues in my life that were troubling me and probably contributing to a lot of muscle spasms in my back.   Over time, I discovered him to be not only someone who knows his specific “trade” very well but a person of deep compassion and “soul” who can truly understand the complexity of issues that affect the body.   He is now working with someone in my family who has terminal cancer and another who suffers from migraine headaches.

For my situation, he suggested weekly appointments to start, and each appointment lasts approximately one hour and 45 minutes.  They are very painless and quite restful.  The office is impeccably clean and comfortable with heat lamps and special blankets for warmth as needed.  There is music of a relaxing nature playing quietly in the background.  

To my amazement, over the course of a few months, this process has most definitely managed my pain in a way that none of the other modalities I have tried (surgery, physical therapy, pilates, steroid shots, or chiropractic adjustment) has.  On a pain scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the high end, I would have placed my pain at 9-10 when I first started working with Steve, and now on a bad day, it is a “7” and most days if I have pain, it is between “2-4”.  This, to me, is a major accomplishment.  I continue to see Steve but have been able to reduce sessions from weekly to bi-weekly and less with the use of Chinese herbal teas which he prescribes.  No one is more pleasantly surprised than I.  As a result, I recommend Princeton Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine simply without reservation.  It has, and continues, to change my life.

- Sunny Greenberg

I had tried acupuncture in the past for arthritis with some relief.  I was having problems with my sciatica and was thinking of trying acupuncture again when I came across a Living Social coupon for Princeton Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine.  I went ahead with the coupon and I have to say that meeting Steven Hoffman has not only helped my pain but changed my entire wellbeing.  Steven took a great deal of time with me to discuss my ailments and also explain how acupuncture worked.  I finally understood how acupuncture worked thanks to Stevens explanations, charts, books, etc.   I started going every two weeks and my arthritis was feeling much better along with my sciatica.  Steven also recommended a supplement to help with the arthritis.  Since taking the supplement, I have been able to discontinue using two of my prescription medications.  Each visit we talked about several different things and in one conversation we talked about healthy eating and avoiding processed foods.  Each visit thereafter, Steven would give me small changes to make (avoid diet soda, avoid artificial sweeteners, and make more foods from fresh fruit and vegetables).  Over the course of 9 months, I have been able to lose 47 lbs. and make lifestyle changes that I can live with forever.  The weight loss has also helped with the arthritis.  Since my immune system is compromised with rheumatoid arthritis, I tend to get more colds and also have a problem with always being cold in the winter months.  Steven recommended herbal products that have helped with both issues. Steven is very professional and knowledgeable, he always starts off each visit asking how I feel in general and has anything changed.  Based on how I am feeling, Steven will spend the time on different areas to help relieve the pain.  Steven has given me excellent advice about my health.  I would highly recommend Steven Hoffman and Princeton Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine to anyone who is thinking about using acupuncture as a treatment.

- Sheila Servis

I canceled my appointment because I wasn’t feeling well only to have Steve tell me, “Come in, I can help you with that.” And he did! I went there, head throbbing, throat sore, aches and chills, and not even the energy to stand up straight. After my acupuncture treatment, my head felt clear, my throat didn’t hurt, the aches and chills were gone and In had energy. I could not believe the change. I’m so thankful Steve told me to come in – instead of going deeper into my cold and feeling worse, like would normally happen, I feel immensely better and am on my way of climbing out of it so much sooner. THANK YOU!!

- J. Mennella

I’ve had migraine / sinus headaches for decades. For the last 20 years I’ve seen a neurologist every 6 to 12 months to monitor my migraines and prescribe medications. It was a vast improvement to the sinus headache pills I’d take till I was sicker from them than the headaches. In addition to my preventative pills I had Fiorinal for typical headaches that would wake me at 5 AM with a running nose and eyes. Fiorinal works but the warnings with it are intense. Never the less, it was relatively under control. I had headaches at the end of the week, before a storm, days that ended in Y, …. 3 to 6 was the average number per month. Sometimes they’d last 2 or 3 days with intermissions along the way.

I tried acupuncture before Steve on one or two occasions with mixed results. I was hoping for some anxiety and tension relief. I mentioned migraines more in the mind of full disclosure than “please fix this”. After a few sessions Steve directed his attention to my headaches and I tracked less and less severe headaches within 4 sessions. I’m now going to him once a month and am maintaining the gains I had made. I recently had one 4 week plus no headache stretch for the first time in recent memory. I shared my experiences with my Neurologist who chimed in that research has shown similar results. Maybe if I had asked it would have been recommended? I’m having fewer headaches, taking less medication and hopefully the trend continues. Presently I’m between 0 and 3 per month and one in four hasn’t needed medication to go away.

- Andrew Howard

I found my way to Princeton Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine through a good friend of mine who had been bugging me for at least a year to go in for a treatment. I was curious but I am a group exercise instructor and I am very busy with both work and my personal life, so I never got around to making the time to go in. Recently I was hit with a debilitating back and sciatic problem. I was in excruciating pain, my range of motion was limited, I had a hard time even driving much less keep up with my demanding training schedule. I had to get people to cover my classes, nothing was giving me lasting relief and I was frankly a little scared. My life and passion deal with physical activity and here I was, for the first time unable to do the job I love. My friend reminded me about Steven at Princeton Acupuncture and I figured, well nothing else is helping, so I went in for the treatment. Steven did a thorough job going over my problem and medical history and then I was up on the treatment table getting acupuncture needles for the first time. I was surprised that most of the needles did not hurt at all and those that did just pinched for a second or two. After treating me face up for about a half hour, Steven asked me to turn over on my stomach and he went to work on my back. After another half hour, Steven removed all of the needles and did some massage work on my back. When I got off the table, I immediately noticed that I had more range of motion and that some of my pain had dissipated. Over the next few days, I told anyone who would listen that Steven was a miracle worker. The improvement continued. I was able to stop taking pain relievers, I was so much more comfortable, I was able to sleep without waking up from the pain and I got back to my work schedule! I had a few more treatments and I am thrilled to report that I’m back to 100%. I’m going to continue to see Steven to work on a few minor issues and Steven has told me that continued treatment will help prevent the back pain from recurring. Truly amazing, I would not have believed it if I didn’t experience it myself.

- Kerri Croland

I’ve been receiving treatment for chronic hip pain both before and after surgery, and my mobility, strength, and endurance are all improving. Treatment has almost completely eliminated the need for NSAIDs. It has been a fantastic addition to my recovery process!

- Joelle Suchy

I’ve been going to Steve for acupuncture for almost one year.  The benefits of acupuncture in my life are countless.  Initially, I sought treatment to relieve pain, swelling, and other physical discomfort.  I was amazed by how quick these symptoms were relieved.  As treatment advanced, I became healthier, stronger, and more centered.  The improvements gave way for additional treatment to address more profound and underlying challenges.  Much to my surprise, Steve’s treatment has addressed my whole being (mind, body, and soul) and I’m very happy by outcome.  I have recommended Steve to those closest to me as I trust his knowledge base, ethics, and treatment approach.  Steve is also very accessible and eager to share information to help us become healthier and attune to the joy of life.

- Milagrose Perez