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Along with your free e-book you will received a series of six emails over the next 20 days. Don’t worry! We promise not to spam you and you can opt out at any time. The emails are informational and designed to help you in your every day life. Below is an excerpt from one of the emails. This is a great stress busting exercise that only takes a few minutes every day but gets your day off to a great start!

Give this exercise a try:

Spend 5-10 minutes every morning, either in bed or sitting in chair, consciously breathing more deeply than normal.  Feel your breath move in and out of your lower belly, inhaling and exhaling fully. Your thoughts will come and go, but don’t get attached to them. Keep bringing your focus back to breathing deeply while you relax the muscles of your body as you exhale.  

This technique is very simple-yet the impact can be profound on your daily life.

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