Afraid of Coronavirus? I’m Not, Here’s Why 

 March 6, 2020

By  Steve Hoffman

OK, everyone take a deep breath, stop looking at the stock market and stay calm. Is the coronavirus outbreak something to be concerned with, sure? Is it something to panic over, no? Are there things you can do to prevent being infected, yes. Is there something you can do if you are infected, yes!

Estimates show a 2% mortality rate for coronavirus, compared to .5% mortality rate for influenza. This number is more than likely skewed based on the small sample size, the fact that a certain percentage of those infected are asymptomatic (one of the reasons that it will be impossible to contain) or symptoms are so mild that those infected do not seek medical attention and are therefore not included in overall infected tally. This is in sharp contrast to something like SARS, with a 60% mortality rate. When people were infected with this virus, it was known very quickly, and health officials were able to quarantine and contain the spread fairy easily. Ironically, this makes SARS a relatively unsuccessful viral infection, it kills the host thus preventing further spread of the disease. But like I said, there is cause for concern but there are also reasons why you shouldn’t panic.


There are supplements and minerals that can “boost” your immune system or have anti-viral properties. Iodine is probably the most important of these and has been shown to inhibit and even destroy viruses when taken orally. Vitamins A, D & C, Zinc, Selenium and garlic are other supplements/foods that have demonstrated an ability to stimulate the immune system and provide protection against viral infections. Regular acupuncture has also demonstrated an ability to improve your immune system. These and the standard protocols like washing hands, keeping children (and yourself) home if sick can go a long way to preventing the spread of this virus as well as keeping yourself from becoming infected.


You’ve done everything you can to prevent getting the virus (or maybe not) and you still get sick. Now what! Consult your physician of course, they may prescribe anti virals or antibiotics to prevent bacterial infections. Normal things like plenty of rest and fluids to help your body combat the virus will help. There are also specific electro acupuncture anti pathogen protocols that will make your internal environment inhospitable to the virus and even decrease viral loads. Vitamin C, colloidal silver and garlic (again!) are great supplements along with Chinese herbal formulas. All of this can help you combat the infection and get you back on your feet in short order.

This virus should be taken seriously. Preventing the spread of even influenza is something we should all be aware of and working towards. It does, after all, kill people. With proper prevention and care you can do your part to help stop the spread of the disease and keep yourself healthy.

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