Why Acupuncture Works – Your Immune System 

 April 5, 2017

By  Steve Hoffman

In my last BLOG POST, I discussed a few reasons as to why acupuncture works. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to delve in to each of those reasons in greater depth because, well, it’s my blog! I find these topic fascinating, I hope you do as well.

So how does acupuncture influence your immune system? Just like when you get a cut, the body sees the insertion of the acupuncture needle as an invasion and your immune system is activated to protect the body and heal the damage. Special cells, proteins, enzymes and antibodies are sent to the site to deal with the problem. Blood flow is increase to the area to bring these immune factors to the area, to remove damaged tissue and to repair tissue. Our bodies are nothing if not careful and redundant, if they weren’t, none of us would be here. So, when our bodies react to damage, far more healing factors are sent to the area than are needed and these factors go to a general area, not a specific spot. Remember, the surrounding area, the tissue beneath the wound and even the organs below the area of the wound are all on a shared blood supply so these benefit from the boost of immune and healing factors. Further, scientific research has shown that acupuncture increases white blood cells (those that fight infection) in the body and moderates the immune system allowing it to react properly to threats.

Acupuncture also relaxes the body, allowing the body to enter in to a parasympathetic

mode of “rest and digest” quickly. You can read my two-part blog on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system HERE and HERE. Basically, when your body is in a parasympathetic dominant mode, your body is able to heal, regenerate and repair itself. It is well known that when the body is under stress (sympathetic dominant mode) our immune systems become compromised. Just think about shingles. This is the chicken pox virus that lies dormant in our spinal nerves and can reassert itself when the body is…you guessed it, under stress.

The influence of acupuncture on your immune system is far reaching and extremely powerful. This is just one reason why acupuncture works. Therefore, complaints like pain, illness, immune deficiencies and even allergies respond so well to acupuncture. If you are dealing with one of these problems, contact us today to set up an in person or telephone consultation to discuss what we can do for you!

Princeton Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Our patients know just how effective treatments are for these and a host of other problems. Steven Hoffman, a New Jersey Licensed Acupuncturist and Diplomate in Oriental Medicine, will provide you with a thorough intake and evaluation and a clear, comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan that will insure that your goals are met or exceeded. Do you want to move past these or other problems? We will help you thrive not just survive!

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