Finding Relief from Chronic Back Pain 

 March 25, 2021

By  Steve Hoffman

Many Americans suffer years with chronic back pain, finding only temporary relief through pharmaceutical medications. As the pain persists, doctors may suggest an X-Ray or an MRI. Chronic back  pain has many causes, some more severe than others, such as herniated discs and spinal stenosis. Although these conditions are tough to reverse without undergoing surgery, Acupuncture treatments can alleviate symptoms and provide long-term improvements to issues such as inflammation, pain, and movement.

Princeton Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine specializes in the treatment of chronic back pain. Our therapies aim to utilize the body’s natural self-healing processes.

What are the symptoms of chronic back pain?

The most common symptom that patients with chronic back pain feel is …. pain. Constant pain prevents patients from enjoying daily activities that used to bring joy, such as working-out, sitting or standing for prolonged periods of time, and other life enjoyments. Along with continuous pain, patients also experience,

  • Inflammation
  • Decreased ability to bend, twist, or sit/stand straight.
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Vertigo
  • Appearance of other disabilities, including nerve pain that can radiate to the extremities.
  • Headaches
  • Stiffness

How can chronic back pain be treated?

30-50% of the world-wide population has been diagnosed with chronic back pain, making it the fourth leading cause of disability in the world! With so much of the population experiencing life-altering symptoms from this chronic disease, there should be many treatments to combat them. Over the counter and prescribed medications have become the most popular source of treatment for chronic illnesses, including prescription pain medications to fight continuous painful symptoms. Although pharmaceutical medications can provide temporary relief, patients are not receiving long-term healing when using this type of therapy.

Princeton Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine has eliminated the need for pharmaceutical medications for the treatment of chronic back pain. By using top-rated, all-natural acupuncture treatments, our expert Acupuncturist will deliver long-term healing and prevention for chronic back pain disabilities.

Acupuncture, used even during ancient times, allows the body to self-heal by targeting the root cause of the emerged symptoms. Our most used treatment is Needling. Needling is the insertion of tiny, hair-like needles into points of the body associated with the patient’s unique treatment needs and is practically painless. On chronic back pain patients, we can utilize needling throughout sensitive acupoints on the neck, back and shoulder area. This manipulation allows the body to release pain-relieving hormones and trigger bodily processes that will reduce inflammation, improve dexterity, and promote healing.

Princeton Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine provides you with the most specialized treatment in New Jersey. Our main ambition is to get our patients back to life before their disability. At Princeton Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, we specialize in treating severe and chronic back pain. Cases that seem hopeless and those where patients have exhausted all other remedies with little to no relief.  Call us today to schedule a consultation so we can review your unique situation and provide a solution to your problem.

Princeton Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Our patients know just how effective treatments are for these and a host of other problems. Steven Hoffman, a New Jersey Licensed Acupuncturist and Diplomate in Oriental Medicine, will provide you with a thorough intake and evaluation and a clear, comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan that will insure that your goals are met or exceeded. Do you want to move past these or other problems? We will help you thrive not just survive!

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