Top 3 Acupuncture Points for Anxiety! 

 February 5, 2019

By  Steve Hoffman

Anxiety has become more and more prevalent in our society. Pressures from work, home and even social pressures, to be seen on Facebook, having a great time, eating a fabulous meal, all contribute to anxiety. Add to this an increasingly toxic political environment, constant media that is geared to get a rise out of you and it is no wonder that over 40 million adults suffer with anxiety, year in and year out. Acupuncture has been proven to help reduce anxiety, eliminate stress hormones and boost hormones that lower anxiety. So, what are some of the best acupuncture points for anxiety? Read on.

Ba Feng

Ba Feng

Ba Feng, or Eight Winds, is a collection of points on the feet, four on each, hence the “Eight” in the name. The traditional location for these points is shown on the image below but if the points are moved back about two inches towards the ankle and electric stimulation is applied, something incredible happens. This area has a strong connection to the brain and at certain frequencies, the brain will produce GABA or serotonin, both neurotransmitters that reduce anxiety. The body normally produces these neurotransmitters but faulty metabolism, poor diet, lack of sunlight and other factors in our fast-paced world can cause low levels of these vital substances. Acupuncture can help restore the proper balance.

GV20 & Si Shen Cong

Shown on the image below, these points go directly to the source of the problem. These points are already indicated for anxiety, depression and insomnia but once again, when electric stimulation is added, we can really “dial in” exactly what we want to body to do. Going to the source of the problem, the head, we directly affect the production of vital neurotransmitters and reduce anxiety.

Does it Last?

What happens when the electric stimulation is turned off and the needles are removed? It would be reasonable to assume that once the stimulation is gone, the production of the neurotransmitters would stop. Studies have shown that one acupuncture treatment will boost these substances for about seven days. If treatments are performed two or even three times a week, after a period of about three weeks, the production of these substances is maintained by the body at a higher level. At that point, even at a frequency of once a week, the increase can be maintained and then fewer and fewer treatments are needed as the body adjusts.

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